We will meet for tea and discuss all of those lovely questions and make a scheduled date. At this time, the session fee will be required as a deposit for your shoot. I do this to ensure that this time is dedicated to only you, and this is your way of reserving this time with me. The tea, of course, is on me.


Our date arrives, and I meet you at our decided upon location. I set up, and we just get comfortable with the environment. Over the next couple of hours, I will shoot in different ways, using lighting, and some natural light. I go for a very organic style, and I just talk you through the shoot. Conversation leads to amazing photographs. I also play music if you desire. Something that inspires you, calms you, or brings out the beast you want to capture on film! We can do all three. That's the beauty of all of this work. Shooting different moods and finding the true portrait within. 

The gear I use will be one digital camera, and one large format 4x5 film camera. I will bring a variety of lights, and use what seems appropriate at the time, and based on your wants that we have previously discussed. Basically, I come to you, shoot for a couple of hours, and get the best images I can...all while having a blast with you. 

Once I've gone, I will keep in contact with you about your shoot. I will send previews the next day, and show you the general mood of the shoot. Then, I fine tune and get you completed work within two weeks. You owe no more money until I'm finished with your work. Once I've completed the prints, I will send you the remainder of the invoice. Upon payment, I deliver to you the glorious Black Bread Photography Box with all of your Fine Art Prints, Photo Books, and/or Digital Files. I can also help you decide where to hang the pieces on your wall. You will have a full list of fine art pieces I offer (sizes, mounts, frames) well before you have to decide on what to order. We will have discussed these options in our Tea meeting as well. There will not be any un-welcomed surprises.

While I'm delivering you your portraits, I will make sure you were happy with the whole experience. You will have the option to answer a questionnaire about your time with me. A little exit interview, if you will, of what you loved about the shoot. I know you will be pleased.