The Philosophy here at Black Bread Box is really quite simple; Make a stunning, timeless image of someone that their family will love and cherish for many generations. How did I come to this philosophy? Years of practice.

To explain this in the best possible way, I can only say this. I learn by doing. I've taught myself since an early age (14) and haven't stopped learning since. Photography gear and technology will always change, but the core values are the same--for me, anyway--as they have been since photography began. Let the light in, be still, and return to darkness. The moment between the shutter blink. That's a photograph. 

When you book a photography session with me, I will treat you with great respect. I want to know why you want your portrait taken, and who is going to look at it. Why do you want to hang this portrait on your wall, or a wall of your loved one? Who will be in this portrait that you want to remember forever? Why are you choosing a Black & White image with me? What is so important about this time period that you want to capture it now? We can discuss these questions in detail, and design a truly special session just for you. I want you to have everything you desire out of this process. It all starts here.