I love cities and the challenges they provide for shooting photography. These were shot in Cincinnati, OH, and Chicago, IL. I will always capture a city when possible. I love being almost hidden whilst snapping away. Although, I'm not always undetected. These shots of the people looking back at me make my heart sing. I remember these days very vividly, and love sharing them with others.

I mainly use 35mm in my street photography just because it's the easiest form to work with. I have used my Yashica-Mat 124G medium format with good luck. With a waist finder, people don't really realize you're pointing the camera at them. 

The more I travel, the more similarities I see in people; the groups they form in, the expressions they have, the blatant nature of harsh personalities. It's all so exhilarating to capture. It's something I will continue to do whenever I can!