Portraiture is a true love in my life. I absolutely can't describe how much I adore shooting portraits! Children and individuals who love the nuances of Fine Art prints; these are my people. 

I do believe in Paul Strand's method of "pure photography" in the sense that I want to capture an image that tells the story of the soul. This could mean intense eye focus, or no face at all. The make up of the person being photographed shines through without question. You look at it, and you know that person more than you did sitting in front of them in the flesh only yesterday. This is what I capture. This is my purpose in life. This is what I want to do for you.

I shoot either on location (your choosing), or at your home and provide lighting, backdrops (black, white, and grey), and can use any room in your house that speaks to you the most. A session ranges from 1-2 hours. I want you to get comfortable enough with me so that I can really see who you are. Your portrait lives within you. It's my job to pull it out and show the world how lovely you are.

Contact me for a price sheet, and we'll set up something truly special and exquisite designed wholly around you.