Featured Photograph - July 28th, 2017

"Sprinkler" - Photograph, July 2017, Model - Violette Belle Benson, Photographer - Christa Belle 


"Sprinkler" - Photograph, July 2017, Black Bread Box Photography - Christa Belle

There are so many things I love about this photograph. The composition, the stopped motion of the millions of water droplets, the joy of the little girl playing in the water, and the faint color of her little polka-dotted swimsuit hinting to a time of slowed-down fun and a non-hurried life. 

I must admit, as the model's mother, that when I saw her sticking her face directly into the spray of the sprinkler, I didn't think it would make her squeal with laughter! But, she loved, and still loves, it. 

When photographing water like this with my prime (stationary, non-zoom) 60mm lens, I had to protect it while under the spray of the water. An umbrella did the trick, but I'd like to have gotten closer to get more detail, and more of her face. Still, I liked the final shot. I rather like that a lot of the photograph is nearly Impressionistic, so you just fill in the blanks with your own stories and imagination. Like many photos that we, as humans, relate to, this is your story, too.

Capturing action such as rain can be very personal. Some may like it softer, and less detailed, and some may like a really long exposure making a huge mist of the entire scene. I know it greatly depends on the subject. For this shot, I wanted to stop the clock. She's already growing up too fast. 

Lastly, I liked that this shot--out of the many I took--actually masked her identity a bit. In the cyber world, too much exposure just isn't what I want for my child, or even myself. I'd like to keep as much innocence as possible while I still can.

So, technically, this was shot with my Nikon D300, Nikkor 60mm lens, ISO 400, f2.8, 1/3200sec exposure, natural light.