There are fewer things in life that are as rewarding as taking photos of children. From newborn all the way up to age 12--I think most kids wouldn't want to be called kids after that age--with siblings, parents, or on their own. Whether or not they cooperate during the session, I have always been able to get great shots. Patience is key! I get down on their level, and let them come to me. I don't always use posing, backdrops, or other "studio" setups with children because it really can be pointless. I go where they are comfortable, and let them direct me. It's the method that I've become quite fond of over the last few years.

That said, I'm happy to go where the children are. Home, birthday parties, outdoors with the family, or any place they are most likely to be themselves. 

If you'd like to preserve the memories of your children when they are small, adorable, cuter than a bug's ear, and melt your heart with one look, then contact me for a free photography session quote. Don't let those precious first memories fade away.