About Me

Hello there! I’m Christa Belle and I’m a portrait photographer in the Lexington, KY area. I am now, and always have been, a lover of traditional Black and White film photography. I discovered it at age 14, and I’m still very much in love!

As a B&W portrait photographer,. I learned on film. I actually taught myself because the club I joined in my Jr. High school seemed to always meet without me. So, I just went in there alone and figured it out all by myself. Literally. Not even a teacher present! This lead to me teaching myself all forms of photography over the next 30 years. So, now we are here.

Through this desire I have mastered combining traditional film photography with modern, technical-age, digital photography to present something truly unique. A “sandwich”, if you will, of old and new. When I look at portraits I’ve done over the years, I can always tell it’s my work by the haunting quality it evokes. Even when I shoot a beautiful child, there is a darker edge that just makes the bright spots glow even brighter. An ethereal aura that can be felt. Not just seen. I want to offer this feeling to as many people as I can. It never gets old. And when I shoot your portrait, never will you. There’s something to be said for us “Self-Taught.” We often do things in such a unique, elegant, beautiful way. 

"BTW, what's with the name?" That is the question I get asked a lot. Well, in days of hunger and starvation, people would offer the poor Pumpernickel bread. Back then, they called it Black Bread. I remember being very struck by this story, and I wanted to keep the philosophy of feeding people with Black Bread. But, my bread is photography. I want to feed people art and make them feel nourished. And when you're hungry, where's the first place you look? The bread box. So, I combined all of these elements into "Black Bread Box" in the hope to nourish people with my photography. 

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